TESOL Lesson Plan Thesis from Jane


TESOL Lesson Plan Thesis from Jane


TESOL Lesson Plan:

After the completion of the TESOL course, I have a new understanding of teaching methods and teaching concepts, and also understand how to be a good teacher, how to drive the class atmosphere and other methods.

The most important thing is that I understand how to form the lesson plan, lesson plan is the aims of the class, the guide for the teacher. Every students has different language level, educational and cultural background and learning style, so think about the background information before making the lesson plan is necessary.

The Reason for TESOL Lesson Plan:

In the teaching process, there will be a variety of situations, such like seating position, keeping class interesting, instruction, movement, eye contact and more. As a teacher, we should go to creating a warm, friendly class atmosphere makes teaching and learning easier for all concerned. So careful planning and preparation will also keep teacher on target, give teacher confidence, help teacher think logically and focus on teaching areas to improve it. At the same time it could provide teacher with a useful record, make sure lessons is balanced and appropriate, help to achieve the goal. In addition to background information, the lesson plan should also include teaching objects, teaching aids, teaching methods and teaching procedures.

TESOL Teaching Procedures:

In teaching procedures, the first step is Warm up, the   teacher prepare a lot of activities just like playing some music, doing some games, free talk before class starts.

Next teacher can using pictures to introduce new words and show the real objects to students. Then teacher will ask some question for students, beyond that, role play, information gap activities and group work are also good choice for production.

To enhance memory and understanding, students could volunteer to act the dialogue out or pretend like a teacher and ask each other, teachers should offer help when they run into obstacles. Summarizing and homework are indispensable parts before the end of the class.

Summarizing and recalling what has been taught this lesson, the knowledge becomes more familiar and has a new understanding. And homework based on their lesson will make the students study.

Therefore, lesson plan is the basic condition to ensure the success of teaching and improve the quality of teaching. Lesson plan is the link and bridge between teaching materials and syllabus and classroom teaching. It is the basis of teaching activities, which is conducive to the improvement of teaching level and the development of teaching and research activities.

TESOL Content of Course:

In the teaching process, listening, speaking, reading and writing each part is very important. The 45% of studying English is listening.

TESOL Listening:

Listening can improve relationships, improve our knowledge and our understanding and lead to better results. So listening is the most important communication skill, we probably spend more time using our listening skill than any other kind of skill.

TESOL Speaking:

In addition to listening, speaking is also important as 30% of English study. Speaking is the delivery of language through the mouth. To speak, we create sounds using many parts of our body, including the lungs, vocal tract, tongue, teeth and lips.The first types of speaking activities is controlled accuracy work, like form-based interviews or surveys. And the next type is free fluency work, students can do some discussions and debates or some group projects.

TESOL Reading:

Beyond all that, reading is the core of language instruction. Reading is thinking. For reading, we need to use clues to infer what may happen, use clues and what I know to make sense of] reading, create mental images of what I am reading, use what I know to understand the text better, ask question while reading and determine which ideas are most important.

TESOL Writing:

About writing, five processes should be care. Pre-writing means we need to think about a topic, brainstorming and planning. And putting thoughts quickly on papers named drafting. Then revising just like add, move, remove, substituteand editing like capitalization, usage, punctuation and spelling.Finally create a clean copy and publishing the final writing with others.


TESOL Summarizing   

In the teaching process, whether a great teacher is a decisive role. What is called The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires.Teacher should pay attention to the classroom, create a good mood, arouse students' attention, create a good classroom atmosphere, not just talk all of the lesson to student, but give students more time and chance to perform themselves. In class, different groups are given different tasks at different levels according to different situations. When students have the same level and the same ability, they have time to think about problems. In this way, the purpose of multi-level cooperation is achieved and different challenging tasks are given to students at different levels.

The TESOL course not just teach me how to teach English to speakers of other language, but also strengthened my confidence, give me the opportunity to express bravely, and exercise my thinking and performance ability.



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