TESOL Thinking Maps Thesis from Kelly


TESOL Thinking Maps Thesis from Kelly


TESOL Introduction:

I have been expecting the TESOL class for a long time. Although I have taught for seven years, I have never learned the system of teaching. The class is beneficial to every stage of teaching and I learn plenty of teaching method to activate students in my class.

Apart from some specific method, how to be a great teacher also inspires me a lot. I always think a good teacher just need to teach well and students get better results. However, it is not the whole story. A good teacher bears so many characters. Good teachers should encourage students to bring the best of themselves. They also can light enthusiasm to let students become interested in the class. It is known to all that interest is the best teacher. Good teachers never stop perfecting themselves and I have a long way to go.

TESOL Greeting:

As for greetings, I have learned a lot. In the past, I seldom said some words to warm up the classroom. In my opinion, we are so familiar with our students and it is not necessary to do that. But after the class. I believe I am totally wrong. Good greetings is not only a way to show politeness, but also a way to get students involved in the class. we can just use simple words to describe it , such as How are you doing ?””Whats the weather?They just need to talk and make them interested in the class and do some kinds of activities to make them familiar with each other is also necessary. We can do High-five friend ””Booty friendto achieve that.

TESOL Learning Styles:

In addition , what I have taught must be based on the learning styles of children. Learning styles can be divided into verbal, visual, musical, physical, logical, social ,solitary and combination .To catch studentsattention in class, students should be taught according to their habits. For example, if my student is interested in social work, which means he likes to do some teamwork , I can not let him finish the task alone. And if my students are all interested in visual learning, showing them pictures to explain is the best way to make them understand what I have taught. students-centeredclass should always be top priority.

TESOL Thinking Maps:

Based on learning styles, mind map is also important to illustrate some news words. There are eight kinds of mind maps, which are for different purposes. Bubble map is used to help students describe a topic. So I can use this method to teach words in different categories. Double bubble map is used to compare and contrast things. When I want to make comparisons, it is the best way.

Flow map is equally important to list steps and events in time order. Multi-flow map can be used to support the reason that cause the write to have this opinion. It is a good way for students to write compositions. They may have a better understanding of the cause and effect. Circle map is used to help us define something and show our understanding of a topic. When it comes to tree maps , family tree just pops up in my mind. Brace map is to write the name of the object to the left side. The last one is bridge gap which is to show relationships between two ideas and topics. All of these are necessary to make words or topics easy to remember. I just need to apply them one by one in my class.

TESOL Word Formation:

When it comes to teaching word, I have benefited so much from the activities. First, I have learned there are eight types of word formation. Compounding, conversion, clipping , blends, background formation, acronyms, onomatopoeia, eponyms. We can choose the proper ways to teach words. Apart from that, I can do odd and out activity to practice the words. Besides, to use a thermometers is also a good idea. In order to killpartners, every one should try their best to ask the hardest question. Using word categories is also what I have learnt. I can use map mind to illustrate the words of the category. I can do board gamesto practice the usage the words. They should take turns to play the game in order to finish the game. Also, I can use a rhyme to practice and get them involved in the class carefully.

TESOL Speaking:

Speaking is a little bit difficult for students. I can teach speaking skills based on controlled accuracy work and free fluency work. I can let them play out the game and have a discussion to talk about the topic. Discussion should be included describe pictures first, and spot the differences, shopping list, solving a problem. Also some handouts to do information gap is interesting. I show heartfelt thankfulness to my great teacher. He shows us too many things to make the 2 class active and attractive. I will make every effort to become a qualified teacher.


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