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TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. It typically refers to teaching English in English-speaking countries to students whose first language is not English. The certification, known as the "TESOL International English Teacher Qualification Certificate," aims to help Chinese English teachers improve their teaching methods, align with international standards, and adopt advanced global teaching practices, thereby enhancing their career prospects.

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TESOL, or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is a globally recognized certification in over 100 countries and by more than 5,000 schools. It is essential for foreign teachers in China and increasingly required by local schools and language institutions.

Around 70% of multinational English education organizations and 90% of China's top 100 English education institutions demand TESOL certification. It also enhances job prospects with multinational companies.

The TESOL certificate offers a standardized measure for evaluating and selecting qualified English teachers worldwide.

What TESOL is?
TESOL certificate
The TESOL certificate is a globally recognized professional qualification for ESL (teaching English as a second language) teachers. It represents the international standard for English teaching skills and is widely acknowledged for its validity and authority. Holding a TESOL certificate qualifies individuals as experts in English language training, enabling them to teach English as a second language worldwide.
America TESOL
TESOL stands for "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages," which means "teaching English to non-native speakers." The TESOL certificate is issued by the American TESOL Institute, notarized, and globally recognized as a valid and authoritative qualification for international English teaching.
TESOL qualification
  TESOL 证书 获得中华人民共和国国家外国专家局资格认可的文教专家境外组织
  TESOL 证书 获得美国教育委员会(ACE)资质认可 出国留学抵学分
  TESOL 证书 获得联合国GPST全球专业人才认证中心互认
  TESOL 证书 获得中国驻美国大使馆三级认证(国家级)
  TESOL 证书 获得美国乔治亚州教育局审批
  TESOL 证书 获得美国佛罗里达FDVA审批
TESOL courses

Explore and discover the world teaching English abroad with American TESOL certification courses

The TESOL certificate is applicable in over 156 countries and regions.

Its authenticity can be verified through the official TESOL website.

TESOL courses are divided into four levels:
Children, Advanced, Business, and Expert.
TESOL courses includes children, advanced, and business. Expert=children +advanced+business. It requires students to conplete the three ones.
TESOL eligibility: CET-6, or IEITS 6 or higher.

20-60 hours/
TESOL for Children

TESOL Advanced
20 hours    /
20 hours    /
TESOL for Business
TESOL for Experts
20 hours    /
60 hours    /
Why we need TESOL?
As education globalizes, English as an international language becomes increasingly important. In China, rapid economic development has led to more frequent international exchanges and cooperation, making the alignment of school education with international standards inevitable. The nationwide enthusiasm for learning English further highlights the shortage of high-quality English teachers. Therefore, the demand for internationally qualified teachers is urgent.
Schools recognized
What does TESOL mean?
TESOL CEO interview
【官网】TESOL证书授课内容以及为什么如此受欢迎 -TES0L证书全球英语教师必修提升英语教学能力与国际接轨,是众多教育机构作为“世界级”英语教学师资招聘的职业证照,被公认的英语教师 “通行绿卡”。    TES0L证书实现高薪就业,提升职业生涯的梦想。
TESOL news
Education quality
Brillant teachers
Top service group
TESOL training courses emphasize practical teaching methods and techniques, focusing on various classroom instructional strategies.
The TESOL course features a robust teaching framework with dedicated customer service personnel for ongoing guidance and resolving queries.
TESOL courses are taught by U.S.-assigned foreign instructors and supported by a top domestic teaching and research team.

Authentic international training

Comprehensive teaching method

Top instructors & renowned experts

Unique and International methods

The unique English teaching theories combined with an exclusive teaching team perfectly embody the TESOL course curriculum.

Combines theory and practice

Comprehensive service system

TESOL classes focus on practical teaching methods integrated with international teaching theories.
The TESOL course offers a complete service system with pre-class preparation and comprehensive logistical and job placement support.
TESOL features

· Professional teaching team   · Experienced curriculum researchers    · First-class domestic service system
· Superior learning environment   · Small VIP classes with targeted instruction  · O2O teaching model
Founder of Taifu Education  

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

TESOL Expert & Examiner

Taifu Education is playing a pivotal role in providing a much needed education to steer China forward in the global academic voyage. The purpose of education is the advancement and dissemination of knowledge, to spur critical and intellectual deliberations, enable future generations to have aspirations and empower them to compete globally. Our mission is to create a learning community where students can fulfill their personal potential by participating in quality learning experiences, prepare for a lifetime of challenges and opportunities, and develop a personal Vision of a preferred future. Taifu is playing the leading role in elevating the educational standards into the modern 21st century schooling model. We have spearheaded change, transformed the paradigms of teaching across the board. In China, TF has set new standards for schooling, curriculum innovation and administration excellence. RAPID an initiative of TF has introduced the Chinese teachers to the flipped classroom model, with more than 10,000 teacher trainings to its credit.Today we are proud of our students. Our education network is rapidly expanding, and in a short span of time we have doubled the number of our branches. Currently we are in the process of launching new purpose built campuses across major cities of China. Each one of these campuses are going to lead by highly experienced instructors according to the requirements of 21st Century education.

Mr Alex
Borris Fagon
I am an educator with 25 years of experience in teaching English, ESL/EFL, TESL/TEFL, Linguistics and Social Studies.

Julian Charles
I have taught every age from 4 to 65, every level from absolute beginner to near fluent, and in many places, including a ski resort, a beach, a ship, a bank, and hundreds of classrooms.

International Team of TESOL Experts
TESOL Certificate-You deserve it
Almost every country in the world needs English teachers, creating thousands of job opportunities globally. Therefore, obtaining an English teaching diploma significantly enhances job market competitiveness. Completing the course is like receiving an international teaching "green card," allowing graduates to fulfill their dreams of teaching worldwide.
English teachers
English teacher
Improve teaching standards and gain international qualifications for career advancement.
Juniors and Seniors with CET-6 or higher, and those aspiring to teach English globally.
Native English-speaking foreigners who enjoy diverse cultures and wish to work in education in China or globally.
Aspiring English educators with good skills and those planning to study or work abroad.
TESOL Target audiences

TESOL Offline Training Schedule 2024/06-2024/10

2024/06 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL Advanced Certificate06/08-06/129:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL for Children Certificate06/24-06/289:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/07 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate07/8-07/129:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate07/22-07/269:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/08 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate08/12-08/169:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate08/19-08/239:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/09 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate09/02-09/069:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate09/15-09/199:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/10 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate10/01-10/059:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate10/06-10/109:30-16:00Small class size:8-12


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